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  • Purer Chilli seed

    I did this to some of my chilli flowers this year:

    I was a bit hesitant that they would not pollinate properly but knock me down with a feather - most of them have come through and are looking very good indeed. No change to the shape or size so I can continue to use as normal and just save seed from those. I tied a little bit of twine around them so I knew which was which and the PVA glue just falls off when it is ready. Marvelous.

    I'll be going out later this week to do as many flowers that are forming now as try and catch the later ones for seed.

    I can't post on the original thread but many many thanks for this - genius.

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    It is a great way to save purer seeds. It takes longer to tie a marker on than to dip the flower.
    I love growing tomatoes.


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      Absolutely - blooming marvelous technique and no bagging flowers.


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        Thanks for that.

        I kept some seed from apache peppers last year and this year quite a few of the plants, including some I gave away, have not had the apache dwarfness.

        Flaming promiscuouse little gits aint they.................have they no shame!

        I may give the glue method a try this year, if i can be arrissed!
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        to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

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          It's a great tip, but so far this year I've not had a chilli worth saving. They've all been green and/or tasteless
          All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.


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            Most of mine fell off using this method, I think the only one that was successful from my last attempt was mustard habanero. I'm not giving up though, more flowers will be dipped tomorrow.
            I have some hand pollinated inside so they should have a good chance of being true to type as the windows are jammed shut, so no insects manage to get in at all.
            I could not live without a garden, it is my place to unwind and recover, to marvel at the power of all growing things, even weeds!
            Now a little Shrinking Violet.



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              BarleySugar - Try diluting the glue with some water as it may be too strong, or maybe get the same brand as Zazen. I found that the first lot of glue I used actually 'burnt' the flower petals, turning them brown.
              I love growing tomatoes.


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