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Welsh Poppy Seeds Offered


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  • Welsh Poppy Seeds Offered

    Some people class them as weeds, but I think they're nice - espeically mixed with other poppies.

    I've just taken the a third of the seed heads off one - and have loads of seeds if anyone would like some.

    Not after anything in return.

    I also have a small number of purple granny's bonnet/aquilegia. They're from my front garden, which has various other granny's bonnets in there. I don't know much about flowers, so not sure if they'll be purple or inherit some of the other traits. I've only a few of these, but should be able to take a few more seed heads off soon as / when they dry.

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    Definitely weeds but very pretty - in someone else's garden


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      They look spectacular mixed in with black, red and purple poppies.


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        I would love some. I like the way they turn up in unexpected places and always look so cheerful. Will trade some of my tree- peony seeds if you like.


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          Sounds good Polly! I can stick some in the envelope I send up to you - save you a stamp! Have PM'd you


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            I would love some poppy and granny's bonett seeds, I sort of collect poppies because of my name - Poppy!!
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              No probs - haven't got that many granny's bonnet seeds but will send what I have (unless I can collect some more before your envelope arrives).

              You're ok to send a SAE I presume? [I'm all out of stamps! Polly's seeds have used my last lot up]


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