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  • Back To The Fuchsia Seed Parcel

    "The Back To The Fuchsia Seed Parcel"

    So What is " Back To The Fuchsia Seed Parcel"?

    This is a seed swap parcel specifically for the Grapes (Forum Members) who aren't :-
    "Shrinking Violets, Wall Flowers or Snap Dragons
    But Who Are
    Busy Lizzies
    Pick the name that suits you best .

    Please add names below if you would like to join in. (If you qualify...see

    The Interesting Bit.

    In March of 2010 Enrich100 announced that he was starting a parcel for Flower seeds.
    After going through his seed collection & with a lot of help from several other members, the parcel was completed. But unfortunately never saw the light of day.

    The Begging Bit

    If there's anyone who has spare Flower seeds they no longer need and would like to donate, I would be very happy to take them off your hands and add them to the parcel. I'll pop a note on them to say who's donated them. Please p.m me Jeanied or ginger ninger

    We have a small selection of seeds, but any donations would be very much appreciated.

    The parcel works in the same way as all the other seed parcels...You take some seeds out, you put some back in, preferably putting more back in.

    Back To The Fuchsia Parcel Rules.

    1. We reserve the right to remove you from the list.

    2. When you receive the parcel, please post it on as quickly as possible so as not to keep others on the list waiting too long. If the parcel has to be chased up by any of the moderators, Ginger Ninger or myself (Jeanied), you will NOT be considered for future seed parcels.

    3.If your unable to receive the parcel and send it on within 2 working days - please let me/us know when I/we ask for your address/contact phone number/valid email address and I/we will put you back on the list as the next recipient.

    4. You must have been registered on The G.Y.O gardening site for at least 6 (six) months, have posted at least 50 (Fifty) non-seed-swap related posts, on various threads, have logged on within the last fortnight by the time I/we come round to asking you for your address etc, have logged on in the last week by the time it come to posting the parcel to you. Otherwise I/we just won't be contacting you.

    5. You must be an active member of the vine.

    6. You will be removed from the list if you are BANNED from the forum.

    7. No member can receive 2 (Two) different parcels at any one time.

    8. When asked for your address, a contact phone number and valid email address will be required as well (vine email address is not included). If not provided I/we won't contact you again.

    9. A thread will be kept running stating who has the parcel and who it is being sent to - along with the tracking number/s of each parcel, so everyone can see who has the parcel at any one time. This is ALL the thread will be used for. Any chit chat will be removed.

    These NEW rules are to try and stop parcels going missing, which unfortunately has happened in the past.

    Sorry, but the parcel will NOT be sent to any locations off the UK mainland.

    The Parcel.

    Following the loss of parcels from last year we would like the following guide lines adopted.

    1. When you send your parcel, it has to be by the tracking method (normally around 75p extra) otherwise if/when it gets lost/goes missing - we won't be able to track it.

    2. If you are printing your own stamps please double check the weight so no one has to pay a penalty

    3. Please write the forwarding address clearly so the Post Office has no excuse to lose the parcel.

    4. Please make sure the envelope is securely wrapped and sealed. If the envelope is badly damaged please replace it.

    5. Please KEEP your tracking receipt. YOU/we can't track it if you throw it out and the parcel doesn't show.

    6. When you have posted your parcel, you need to PM me AND the person who is receiving the parcel with the tracking number. *There will be a special thread for ALL tracking numbers as well.*

    I will include several labels with my address on. Please us them if you replace the outside envelope, this will mean if the parcel can't be delivered it will have an address it can be returned to.

    Don't worry if there’s some duplication of seeds when you add your own seeds to the parcel, as some packets may only have a few seeds in them.

    Please take only what YOU need, you can always have the parcel again next year or sooner if you’re really keen.

    Please make sure the seeds are in SEALED packets, envelope or little plastic bags. Please write on them what the seeds are.

    It would be helpful if you could put your vine name on any packet/s of seeds you donate.

    Any seeds left over from this year’s parcel will be rolled over to next year.

    If you think the Parcel has become too large or expensive to post, please pm/let me know.

    Please do not pm your address, phone number or email address until I ask for it. I will also require your VINE NAME AND YOUR PROPER NAME.

    **Under NO circumstances is information given to me Jean (Jeanied), Janet (ginger ninger) or any of the moderators sold, passed on or given to any 3rd party.**


    Thanks, Jean (Jeanied).xx

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