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"The Squash Club Seed Parcel" Update.


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  • "The Squash Club Seed Parcel" Update.

    The Name of this parcel is "The Squash Club" Seed Parcel.

    Anyone is welcome to join in, experienced, not so experienced, down to the "just fancy a go at growing squash" peeps, etc.

    The Begging bit

    If there's anyone who has spare Squash, Pumpkin etc seeds they would like to donate to the parcel, to help get it up and running, I would be very grateful to you. I have a selection of seed to start off with, but any donations would be very much appreciated.

    What is allowed in.

    It's open to all the "Cucurbitaceae" Family, this includes:- Squash, Pumpkins, Courgettes, Cucumbers, Melons, Gherkins and Ornamental Gourds.

    What's not allowed in.

    ** I would be grateful if those adding seeds to the parcel would NOT collect/add the seeds from rough plants (Those that have crossed with any other squash etc) as we all know...squash can be very promiscuous . And they may not come true to the parent plant, Thanks.**

    The Interesting Bit

    The Parcel will be launched on Monday the 26th of April (at the latest).

    If you would like to receive "The Squash Club" Seed Parcel please add your name to this thread below or pm myself (ginger ninger) or enrich100.
    (if you pm me or enrich100 please write "The Squash Club" in the title, Thank's)

    The Boring Bit


    The parcel works in the same way as The Chilli Head/Tomato Seed/Pass the Parcel i.e you take some seeds out, you put some back in, preferably putting more back in .

    (Standard Vine Rules)

    We reserve the right to remove you from the list.

    When you receive the parcel, please post it on as quickly as possible so as not to keep other's on the list waiting too long.

    You must have been registered on here for at least 1 (One) month, have posted at least 25 (Twenty Five) non-seed-swap related posts, and have logged on within the last fortnight by the time I come round to asking you for your address. Otherwise I just won't be contacting you.

    You will be removed from the list if you are banned from the forum.

    No member can receive 2 (Two) different parcels at any one time.

    Sorry but the parcel will not be sent Internationally.

    The Parcel

    When you send your parcel, it needs to be by the tracking method; otherwise if/when it gets lost/goes missing - we won't be able to track it.

    When you have posted your parcel, you need to PM me AND the person who is receiving the parcel with the tracking number.

    Don't worry if their is some duplication of seeds when you add your own seeds to the parcel, as some packets may only have a few seeds in them.

    Please try to take only what you need, you can always have the parcel again next year or sooner if your really keen .

    Some people have sugested putting your vine name on your packets of seeds, but this is optional.

    Any seeds left over from this years parcel will be rolled over to next year.

    If you think the Parcel has become too large/expensive to post please let me know.

    This is a link to "The Squash Club" Social Group Grow Your Own - Growing, How To Grow Tomatoes Growing Fruit & Veg - Recipe Advice, Organic food Gardening, Chickens, Seeds for Sale It's for you to post your comments GOOD or BAD on the contents of the parcel, we'd love to hear what you think, Thank You.

    Please do not pm your address until I ask for it. I will also require your VINE NAME AND YOUR PROPER NAME

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    "The Squash Club Seed Parcel" Update.

    Well it's here at last, I've copied all the name's below who have asked to receive "The Squash Club Seed Parcel" this just simplify's things, saves scowling up and down the original thread (here's a link to it),

    If you would like to be added to the list please read the rules above, if you accept please add your name below or P.M myself or enrich100, Thank you.

    All the Name's in Red I have been sent P.M's to for there Address's.
    All the name's in Green I have received Address from.
    Name's in Purple have had the parcel and have posted it on to the next person on the list.

    Name's in Blue I haven't heard from.

    If I haven't heard from you by the time it come's to your turn to receive the parcel, I'll assume you no longer want to take part in this years swap.

    List for "The Squash Club" seed Parcel so far...

    1. Pumpkin Becki. 01-05-2010
    2. Vicky. 04-05-2010
    3. northepaul. 07-05-2010

    4. Magiccat1978.
    5. Liza.
    6. Jeanie.
    7. Dane End Dolly.
    8. gan heather.

    9. gillian 62.
    10. jackyspratty.
    11. grannymem.
    12. Lizzy.
    13. Bex.
    14. danmon_81
    15. LolaLou.
    16. Taff.
    17. Llamas.

    I'd like to add a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who's donated seeds to the parcel and hopefully made it a success .

    Kind Regards
    Janet. xx
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      "The Squash Club Seed Parcel" has been launched, she set of on her maiden voyage this afternoon at 12.19, 3 days early .


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        One of the first rules of marketing - underpromise and overdeliver!!
        Whooops - now what are the dogs getting up to?


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          OMG GN!! This parcel is fantastic!! Well done you!

          I've made my selections and added lots of new things and will be sending it on its merry way in about 10 minutes time.

          I just wanted to let you know what a brilliant parcel this is - only eyes are bigger than my plot!!


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            YE HA!! I'm so relieved you like'd it with it being my first time organising a parcel I was a little worried, Thank's PB for letting me know.


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              I don't want to join - but I used my Chicago Warted Hubbard (HSL seeds) this weekend and as a result I have a shedload of seeds. Should come true as I only grew Chestnut squash on the plot and they were miles away.

              Let me know if you want a load.
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                Originally posted by HeyWayne View Post
                I don't want to join - but I used my Chicago Warted Hubbard (HSL seeds) this weekend and as a result I have a shedload of seeds. Should come true as I only grew Chestnut squash on the plot and they were miles away.

                Let me know if you want a load.
                That would be great Wayne, I'll pm you...I can put them in when the seed parcel come's back to me, Thank's for thinking of the seed parcel. xx


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                  Originally posted by Pumpkin Becki View Post
                  OMG GN!! This parcel is fantastic!! Well done you!

                  I just wanted to let you know what a brilliant parcel this is - only eyes are bigger than my plot!!
                  Got it this morning and totally agree with PB!
                  Janek really did come up with the goods too!

                  I've just spent a happy 30mins on Google (my friend) looking up things I've never heard of.

                  Good points - the variety, clear plastic baggies so you can just take a couple and reseal easily

                  Bad points - need more garden....

                  Will let you know when I post it on tomorrow to thea/Northepaul
                  Last edited by vicky; 04-05-2010, 12:29 PM.


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                    Glad it arrived safely vicky.


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                      Arrived today, thanks Vicky
                      What a great parcel it is!!
                      I had such fun going through everything but it was soooo difficult to choose what to have...I planted some immediately!!
                      Parcel all ready to go on to the next person now. I can post it tomorrow fingers crossed!


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                        Parcel was posted last Friday by 1st class recorded tracking no: AG462771212GB

                        I have not heard from the recipiant as to whether she has got it ok, and I cant access the Royal Mail web site....?
                        Any news??


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                          Thank's northepaul, it appears to be stuck in the Post Office network...finger's crossed they get there finger out and deliver it A.S.A.P, then it can carry on it's merry way.
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                            It still hasn't turned up and the postie has just gone past our house and not delivered anything here today If I get a chance after I've dropped my daughter at nursery this afternoon I'll drive down to the sorting office incase they have it but didn't leave a card, will let you know asap


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                              Pretty please could I join the list? I've tried to be good but I've only grown five types of squash this year, just not enough.
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