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  • Seeds available and wanted

    Hi everyone

    After finding out yesterday that I have finally come to the top of the allotment list, I have been avidly reading here for tips. I will be needing to buy lots of stuff to set up I would imagine (not seen it yet) so extra money for lots of veggie seeds might be a bit tight

    I have the following bought from last year for the garden which I would love to swap for easy to grow veggie/herb seeds for a total beginner. Alternatively if any kind soul has some suitable spare seeds I would be more than happy to send a SOA

    All packs unopened
    Tomato - Gardeners Delight (BBC dig in freebie)
    Moss Curled Parsley
    Scabiosa Oxford Blue GONE
    Aster Starlight Mixed
    Petunia Milliflora Fantasy Mixed GONE
    Finally, I apologise if it is considered rude to post this so soon after joining.... I did try to see if you needed to reach a certain post count or anything but couldn't see any info
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    I have some mange touts if thats any good to you,


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      Have sent you a pm


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        Have sent a PM
        Live long and prosper.


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          I've just got my lottie too and my nextdoor lottie neighbour gave me loads of climbing french bean seeds, you could have some if you want. I don't know what variety they are exactly but you're welcome to a few.


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            Thank you all

            Wow, I am so glad I stumbled onto this site. I can't believe how helpful and friendly everyone is!

            I already have several offers of seeds to start my collection, with some people wanting nothing in return. One (you know who you are) even refused my offer of a stamp!

            I was worried I might come across as grasping, being such a new member but you have all been really kind. THANK YOU

            There are still some seeds available. If anyone is still interested or would like to re-home some seeds for a SAE please continue to let me know......


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