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Random Excess Seed Swap 2020


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  • Random Excess Seed Swap 2020

    Seed swaps are always exciting and this one is VERY exciting.
    Its open to all Grapes who joined before today, no restrictions on number of posts!!
    Last year's Swap at

    You can send in as many packets of seeds as you like (but more than 5) - and you will get the same number back - which will be a random selection.

    The seeds you send must be within date, nothing past its sow by date. They can be vegetables or flowers. They will be commercial seeds, not self saved ones. There are other seed circles for those.

    For example, you may have opened a packet, sown what you needed and have some left over to swap. Split these seeds into smaller quantities, like this:-

    6-10 tomato/pepper/aubergines/squashes
    15-20 beans/peas
    30 brassicas/lettuces
    50 mustard/radish
    100 carrots/onions
    Flowers - a reasonable number.

    Label each packet with:-
    Veg type/variety/date bought/expiry date from original bag if you have it/your Grape name

    Example - if you have 20 tom seeds, 8 squash seeds, 90 carrots and 111 onion seeds left over; pack the toms into 2 bags, the squashes into 1 bag, 90 carrots into 1 bag and the onions into 1 bag and send 5 bags in. You will get 5 random bags back.

    Don't send more than 5 packets of any named seed - so that there's plenty of variety and no risk of getting your own seeds back.

    If you are interested - you have until the 31st March to send your seeds to me. If your seeds are not with me by 31st March, you are out of the swap.
    You also need to send stamps for the return postage.

    I'll send the seeds back to you instead of an Easter Egg about 10th April.
    Please post on here that you are interested.

    Who's in!!

    1. veggiechicken
    2. Sarriss
    3. muckdiva
    4. self-contained
    5. Norfolkgrey
    6. Starch
    7. Bluenowhere
    8. mamzie
    9. Scarlet
    10. GHexton
    11. MissPea
    12. Mikey - OUT
    13. Runt-puppy
    14. FuzzyFeltDeath
    15. MarkHackwell

    Seeds in RED received
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    I'm in!! I'm in!!


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      Me too please!
      All at once I hear your voice
      And time just slips away
      Bonnie Raitt


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        Not only am I in, but I have already selected the seeds, created custom seed packets (I'm so sorry to whoever is on the receiving end!), and divvied them up. I'll aim to get to the Post Office next weekend or the Friday after. I'm afraid I didn't buy much seed last year, so most of my seed needs sowing by the end of 2020 but it's all in date for now.

        What would you suggest as the value of the stamps to send to cover return postage?

        Here's a sneak peek:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Sneak peek.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	205.2 KB
ID:	2386424

        (Really, I'm being naughty as I definitely don't need more seed right now, but... seed!)
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          Wow, s-c! Have you been waiting patiently for me to start this?

          Two Large letter stamps should be ample and if I only need one, I'll send one back to you.
          Do you have my address?
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            Apparently, I had nothing else to do this evening

            Your address would be helpful!


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              Yes please and thank you for doing it again
              Edibles (All In) Seed Saving Circle 2020
              Pea + Bean Seed Saving Circle 2020
              Flower Seed Saving Circle 2020



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                Yeah VCs random seed swap so pleased youíre doing this again, itís so much fun and you get a fantastic selection back unfortunately Iíll not be joining you this time.

                Iíll join future swaps hopefully


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                  It won't be the same without you, Sp, Hurry up and get your new garden sorted!
                  A Chicken walks with small steps. Be more Chicken


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                    I'm in, address please


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                      I'll send my address out to everyone in a couple of weeks time - unless you're ready to send your seeds to me now - like self-contained.
                      A Chicken walks with small steps. Be more Chicken


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                        Need to sort though my seeds to make sure I meet the number of seeds requirements but provisionally Iím in.

                        As some of you might know from my posts last year wasnít the best for me with shoulder issues, so the seeds would be sow this year dated as I need to reduce my stocks from the last couple of years down a bit before buying new ones (for me Iím still sowing and successfully germinating 2019 and older sow date seeds - so they should be more than okay for a couple of years as they are all stored in my seed tin and I roll up the inner foil packets nice and tight and some of them havenít even been opened yet!). Iíve only bought one packet of seeds this year - sweetcorn as ran out last year - even the other half looked at me strangely when he said arenít you needing to get some seeds and I said no!

                        Iíll of course only send in date ones as per the instructions but just didnít want anyone to feel cheated that they were 2020 if they sent in newer ones. If thatís okay with everyone Iím in. If not then completely understand and Iíll play next year when Iíve actually bought some new seeds.
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                          Sow in 2020 is good.
                          The sowing season is still underway in April so there'll be plenty of time to sow them.
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                            Me, me pretty please.

                            I am finding seed swapping strangely addictive, or maybe I am just strange x
                            Anything is possible with the right attitude, a hammer
                            and a roll of duct tape.

                            Weeds have mastered the art of survival, if they are not in your way, let them feed bees


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                              I did notice, Mamzie.
                              Take that whatever way you like.
                              A Chicken walks with small steps. Be more Chicken


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