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Seed Circle Postage - Mini Moan and hints and tips


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  • Seed Circle Postage - Mini Moan and hints and tips

    This is a general moan and not intended to make anyone feel bad or to never participate again cos I am some evil ice queen. I love doing the circles and I am happy doing them (and yes I do not get paid, I get no freebies from GYO, I don't even get stamps or envelopes - oh and sorry to the couple of peeps I skimmed stamps off - remind me I owe you 40p on the next circles ). Also whilst some of this may seem petty and you are thinking it is a few pence and why doesn't she just pop to the shop - the shop to me is an hour and a half round trip and they are little shops where you get a single jiffy bag at a grossly inflated price. I am a gardener and I love seeds and hate paying postage just like everyone else. I realise if you are new to circles it can be daunting and you don't know what you get, but shortly you will see and hopefully understand. Just to make you aware I spent three hours yesterday putting the parcels on a diet - I don't want anyone paying more than they have to. However, I need peoples help too. So when I ask for a selection of stamps, I would like a selection of stamps.

    The flower circle seeds weighed 75g this year which was fine for a large letter stamp, however if your envelope was smaller than a padded D/1 (180mmx260mm) it made for a rather fat envelope that exceeded the 2.5cm allowance and would have put it in the small parcel bracket (3.00 2nd class)

    The all in circle was around 120g the weight alone exceeded a single large letter stamp.

    I did have one that was both circles and actually I managed to keep the measurements to large letter size.

    Then lastly I did have 2 parcels and they were genuine parcels, no amount of trussing was going to make them skinny. Those parcels also contained some 80+ odd packs of seed.

    So my plea for future is please, please, please send enough stamps to cover a small parcel (I will return excess stamps) and try and make the most of the large letter dimensions (35x25x2.5cm)

    Just so no one panics all parcels have gone to the post office this morning and are all winging their way back to you 1st class, now you have been warned I may make you suffer in future and let you wonder where you parcels are and let you pay the posties handling charges (down - you evil ice queen). I will post some dos/ dont's and tips later complete with pics

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    Well done NG, I hope I wasn't one of the ones who gave you grief.
    Postage was one of my VSP nightmares.

    I don't think people consider the thickness of an envelope when working out their postage. Any fat seeds like peas and beans, even squashes, automatically take you out of the small size postage category - just one broad bean will do it.
    If you pack seed packets loosely into an envelope, give it a shake, all the packets will bunch up at the bottom and may be too thick ( > 2.5cms ) for large stamp postage.

    Savvy seed swappers attach packets individually to a large piece of paper with sticky tape so that the packets can't slide around and bunch together.


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      ^^^You - grief - never


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        Oh Oh!! ^^^ That sounds like the voice of the Evil Ice Queen.


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          Ha!Ha! the evil ice queen strikes ready to freeze some naughty grapes (who needs a pointy stick)


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            Originally posted by Norfolkgrey View Post
            Just so no one panics all parcels have gone to the post office this morning and are all winging their way back to you 1st class
            I'm fairly confident I included enough stamps - but only for second class, not first...

            If it wasn't enough, please let me know, as there's no way you should end up out of pocket.


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              Mitzi did you send a christmas stamp on yours? If so the upgrade is compliments of someone else who I shan't say in public but I think I did skim your stamp if I remember correctly - I have slept since then

              Edit:and yes you sent plenty of stamps thank you and most will be coming back to you. Loved the tape as well but I did kill the flap on your envelope sorry.
              Last edited by Norfolkgrey; 20-01-2020, 02:05 PM.


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                Apologies NG if I was one of the troublesome peeps. I was working on the basis that if a large letter works ok on the way out then given you'll receive a similar number of items it should be Ok coming back. I missed the bit where you asked for stamps to cover small parcel so again apologies. I don't use post very often and have to admit to finding the whole small letter, large letter and parcel sizes and weight a bit of a bloody nightmare tbh. Maybe I need to resist my aversion to shops and visit a post office I will obviously reimburse any extra cost you have incurred and in future send stamps to cover a small parcel.


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                  ^^^Stamps were fine but your envelope looks a little different now

                  Anyhow, as I said this wasn't an exercise to pick on people and they are all done and dusted. Just want to avoid any issues in the future


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                    Seed swaps are a great idea, particularly here on the vine where so many peeps are generous enough to offer sometimes quite unusual seeds for free. NG also gives of her time for free.

                    We should not expect NG or any other swap organizer to fund any shortfall in postage.

                    So, how about if everyone who wants to participate in any seed swap makes a non-refundable "contribution" of five second class stamps when they send in their seeds to swap. That would cost 3.05 each. The same for all. That would cover the costs up to small parcel size and perhaps any little left over would reimburse the organizer for the cost of any new packaging required.

                    Most commercial companies charge at least 2.95 postage and some considerably more than that, which we willingly pay to get our hands on 2 or 3 packets of seeds.

                    Remind us, NG, how many packets of seed were in the flower parcels this year?

                    3.05 is a snip, I say.
                    Location - Leicestershire - Chisit-land
                    Endless wonder.


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                      The flower circle was approx 50 different packs of seed (some extra packs due to spare packs and VSP clearout)
                      The all in circle was approx. 20 different packs of seed (some extra packs due to spare packs and VSP clearout)
                      Then peeps were also welcome up to 20 packs of VSP seed (which will be closing after the 2020 circles)


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                        I’m really sorry NG if it was me. I’m a first timer doing its so please let me know and I will either wire you money or post stamps to you straight away.

                        Kind Regards..........Rob


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                          That is some amazing organising NG, and fabulous generosity from all involved.

                          Hopefully we able to join with some swaps and circles later in the year s
                          Anything is possible with the right attitude, a hammer
                          and a roll of duct tape.

                          Weeds have mastered the art of survival, if they are not in your way, let them feed bees


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                            I have learnt so much about postage, and realised that I hadn't thought of the size of some seeds and the affect it has on parcel sizes! Thank you for all that you do - seed parcel organisers/send-off'ers!


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                              NG, you are a Miracle worker with your seed packing technique.

                              Look and learn everyone who's received a package from NG today.


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