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    Still waiting for my pineapple ones to ripen!
    "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

    Location....Normandy France


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      I’m in the gathering fruit stage,some have ripened but some are slow,a couple I’m saving are mountain princess & German red strawberry the plants are productive with a lot of big tomatoes.


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        Hi Scarlett & Everyone,

        I'm going to pull out of the seed swap this year. Earlier in the season one of my plants developed what I thought was early blight. However, it could be Bacterial Canker and has spread to more or less all my plants. Whilst it doesn't seem to have affected the crop as yet (although more green fruit are falling off than usual) the leaves, stems and fruit are affected. I've cut off leaves as they become infected but the cut ends develop grey mould which moves throughout the plant.

        Whatever it is, looking on the web, it can be passed on through seeds and I wouldn't wish this on anybody else so I won't send seeds out this year.

        Hopefully I'll be clear next year, I think its either come from seeds I saved from the allotment or in the compost (the seeds from the allotment are not ones I've shared with anybody).

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          sorry to hear that mark . But thanks for looking after us seed wise ...Hope you have a better year next year.


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            Hi all,
            I'm still keen....and have a few varieties drying out as I type.

            Sweetheart (from Realseeds)
            And 2 other varieties which I have saved after a number of years from a 'Summer Sensation' multipack from Suttons. Will confirm what I think the varieties are, but I believe they are Tanaki and ...? let me have a think......its a great tomato that is still holding onto fruit and has not been hit by blight like the rest of my greenhouse toms.

            Any thoughts on numbers and when we might be all in a position to be sending/swapping.


            The more help a man has in his garden, the less it belongs to him.
            William M. Davies


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              Please let me know who's in for is in for this we can sort something out.
              I don't mine doing it .
              I've got
              House cherry tomato

              Gigante liscio vine

              Wentzell short vine

              If people can let me know on here, that would be great.
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                I have..
                Pineapple tomato

                green d'Antan (aka green zebra seeds -I think)

                Both are ready to go

                does anyone have tomatillo seeds going spare ????
                "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

                Location....Normandy France


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                  I have mountain princess bagged up & some others drying on paper plates,I’ll bag them up soon & put the list on here,thanks for keeping the seed circle running Ms T


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