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VSP - Cucurbit, Lettuce Family and Miscellaneous Seed Requests (MkII)


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  • VSP - Cucurbit, Lettuce Family and Miscellaneous Seed Requests (MkII)

    The other thread's been closed so please can you put all requests on here?

    Because I've not been able to be around in November (real life very much getting in the way) this bit of the VSP will stay open through Dec this year.

    The Virtual Seed Swap is where you can swap seeds you don’t want for ones you do. It's open to everyone who has been a member for 3 months or more, who has made more than 50 posts in the last 3 months and who has a UK return address.

    This particular section will be open for swaps between 01 January and 30 April and then 01-30 November. It will close for the rest of the year so that I can get on with growing too.

    Look through the lists of Cucurbit family, Lettuce family and Miscellaneous seeds and decide what you want. Post your request on this thread together with what you plan to send in. I will PM you with my address if the swap is accepted - please read the fine print below.

    Then send me your seeds, together with a copy of what you want in return & your Vine name, a self-addressed envelope/sticky label and enough stamps for return postage. There is no kitty or slush fund to beef up missing stamps. I will return any excess postage.

    Please add a sender’s address on the envelope in case it goes astray in the postal system.

    As a guide for the numbers of seeds expected:
    5-10 seeds for cucurbits, aubergines
    30-50 seeds for lettuce family
    Minimum 15 seeds for the rest of the miscellaneous group

    Please write legibly on each packet:
    • Type
    • Variety
    • No of seeds
    • Your Vine name
    • Sow by dates or date seeds collected
    • Anything else you think is needed; such as 'self saved', ‘from Real Seeds’ etc.

    Please make sure the packets that you send in are properly sealed.

    The fine print:
    A maximum of 20 packets will be sent out at a time. There is no limit on the number of packets you can send in, but it must be at least equal to the number of packets you are requesting.

    I will only swap variety for variety, i.e. 10 packs of the same seed will not be accepted as a swap for 10 different varieties. If you want to add something new to the Miscellaneous collection, please do make a case for it in your request and bear in mind the other sections of the VSP.

    If there are 3 or more packs of a particular variety in the VSP, it will be marked as FULL and no more of that variety will be accepted until these seeds have been requested. This will prevent a build-up of common varieties that no one wants.
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    Squingy - I was offline for a bit but as a reply to your post from mid-November:

    Sweetcorn Mirai 003F1 Yes

    Rocket Oakleaf I'd rather avoid rocket as these are seeds that are fairly common and unlikely to be swapped for
    Rocket Olivetta
    Rocket Wild Grazia

    Celtuce Yes
    Spinach Perpetual Yes
    Good King Henry - misc?lettuce? herb vsp? Yes
    Spring Onion Ishikura - misc?herb vsp? No

    Pumpkin Small Sugar Yes - both squashes welcome
    Winter Squash Honey Bear F1

    Kohl Rabi Olivia F1 No for brassicas
    Swede/Rutabaga Marian
    Radish Zlata yellow

    Would brassicas come under misc? No, sorry (cos I love a good brassica!) There used to be a brassica bit of the VSP but it was closed because it had very little traffic. That had the onions in it too.

    Will send you this by PM too. - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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      *clears throat*

      Ahem - VSP over here, all open and everything. Just awaiting seed swap requests...

      There's some good stuff in it which would love a chance at growing on your plot/in your garden this season, do draw up a chair and have a peruse. - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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        Hi was on here a while ago but had to take a long break due to things that sometimes happen in life.
        Now I feel I could start growing a few things again.
        A friend has leant me a corner of her allotment and I cant wait to get started. If anyone has anything they don't want please give me a shout
        Updated my blog on 13 January


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          Hi Stella.
          The VSP (Virtual Seed Parcel) is run on swaps - you swap something in and take something out.
          Do you have any seeds to swap?


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            Hi Stella, lovely dog in your avatar. As VC says, this is a swapsies parcel. As long as you have something to swap into it, you're welcome to some of its seeds.

            Glad you have some allotment space as the squash family like room to spread out...
   - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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              Sorry for late response. Thanks for the help.

              May I swap
              Sweetcorn Mirai 003F1 for Bloody Butcher

              Celtuce for okra burgundy

              Spinach Perpetual for pak choi Shanghai

              Good King Henry for Mexican tree spinach

              Winter Squash Honey Bear F1 for Queensland Blue

              I will still need to check the condition of the seeds and best before date before sending off. Unfortunately involves digging the seed tub out of the cupboard under the stairs which is a mess as the Man just opens, flings stuff in and shuts!


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                That's no problem and let me know when you are sending so I can keep an eye out for them.

                I have a similar approach to tidying to be fair...
       - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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                  Hi Squingy, your seeds arrived today - will pack up yours and send out for tomorrow's post.
         - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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                    Great. Thanks so much Sparrow.


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                      Received my VSP seeds folks. And I added lots of fresh seeds back in, so now's a good time to swap.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0003.jpg
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ID:	2382417

                      Thanks Sparrow :-)


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                        I am looking for some table dainty marrow and fairy squash seeds, would you have any I could swop for?


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                          The VSP Seed lists are at


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                            Thank you I will have a look


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                              The first post on this thread has all the details and the link.


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