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VSP - Cucurbit, Lettuce Family and Miscellaneous Seed Requests (MkII)


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    Sorry must of missed it, will try harder in future!


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      Open for requests - please do have a look through! - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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        Hey Sparrow I’ve never done a Seed swap- so just have a couple of quick questions (sorry if there obvious) do the swaps have to be in the same family?
        For example I have self saved Tamra cucumber seeds and quite fancy trying some spaghetti squash?
        Do they need to be self saved or if I have some left that are still in date would these be acceptable? If so there’s a few others I’d like to swap if there ok I’ll have a look and let you know!


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          Hi Chrissy, no, they don't have to be the same family but they have to fit somewhere in the categories of my little bit of the VSP - so no peas, beans or chilli seeds.

          For self-saved seeds I'll take them if the grower can guarantee as far as they can that they were isolated, and if possible hand pollinated. If the plants were left to get on with it and could have crossed I would rather leave them out. Cucurbits cross so readily and the result from an unwitting cross is so often absolute rubbish. It's just not fair to people who take the seeds and spend months growing them to then get something disappointing/not what was advertised.

          Sorry if that sounds harsh - but people take self-saved seeds on trust. Hope you would still like to swap seeds.
 - growing fruit and veg in suburbia


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            No not harsh at all totally understandable itís the growers time and effort! (Including my own )
            My cucumbers were grown in there own greenhouse which is at least 20 metres away from my other greenhouse (which did have different cucumbers in) there is a copse of trees in the middle.
            I failed to isolate my own squash plants which is why I was asking about the leftover seeds as I never kept my own for that very reason.


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              Hi Sparrow, would the following swap be acceptable?

              1 x Lettuce Oakleaf S/S
              1 x landcress
              1 Andean superfood Leaf Mix
              1 x HSL Lettuce Bath Cos S/S
              1 x HSL Lettuce Stoke S/S
              1 x lettuce Tom Thumb
              1 x lettuce Reine des Glaces

              Wish List
              Carosello Mezzolungo Barese
              Squash Queensland Blue
              Squash Thelma sanders
              Chicory Di Bruxelle
              Ameranth Roter Meier
              Aubergine Czech Early
              Tomatillo - donít mind which

              Hope itís not too heavy in the lettuce department, my seed saving for other things things went awry because of the rain
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                Would anyone have any interest in black emmer wheat and/or wakelyns diverse population wheat?

                I live with autism spectrum disorder. Please be gentle. Sincerely Steve.


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                  Dear sparrow100,

                  Is there any chance I could swap...

                  Summer Squash Yellow Crookneck
                  Butternut Squash Waltham
                  Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok


                  Cucumber Wautoma
                  Cucumber Spacemaster 80
                  Oriental Choy Sum

                  Yours sincerely,



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