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Dill and fennel , difference


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  • Dill and fennel , difference

    I got some herb plugs from T&M.
    They were in a sorry state when they arrived, I think the suppliers are under tremendous pressure.
    They got delayed in the post over Easter, very leggy.
    I potted them on and surprisingly 75% seem to be recovering, so I won't complain.
    However the index that came with them was rubbish, made no sense.
    I can identify most, but dill and fennel are a problem, can't distinguish between them.
    Any ideas, will it get easier as they grow?
    Thanks Jimmy
    Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!

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    Can you post pictures? I've grown both. They do look very different once the feathery leaves start to develop. They should smell different if you rub the leaves too. If it's aniseedy, it's the fennel!


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      At first I read this, I thought - easy, at least by smell because dill is so aniseedy! haha Then I read SC's post and realised that so is fennel but in a different way!

      Pics would help Dill has thinner leaves I think, than fennel. Fennel has thicker stalks around the ferny bits.


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        Taste it. If it's horrible, it's dill. If it's nice, it's fennel.
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        By singing-'Oh how beautiful!" and sitting in the shade,
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          That's funny. I think dill tastes dilly, not aniseedy like fennel! I wonder if it's like coriander, where it tastes different depending on your genes? I like both, but in different ways. Might depend on varieties too. Perhaps some dill is quite fennelly and some fennel is quite dilly!


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            haha MBE - I love dill, but not terribly keen on fennel. I'm trying to grow it again though.

            haha SC maybe my fennel hasn't been dilly enough!! LOL If it tasted more like dill I might like it more lol haha that made me laugh


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              They are only very little so tasting is currently not an option.
              I will try and get a picture.
              I also saved some dill seeds last year. I sowed some and now have loads of seedlings.
              Also I have some fennel seedlings grown from a packet. They are for fennel bulbs.

              Is all fennel the same, i.e. bulbing type?

              Thanks Jimmy
              Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!


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