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    It makes me sad to see how many of my neighbours are ripping out their front garden and replacing with block paving. Most of my front garden is full of plants to attract wildlife. I do have a driveway at the side though for the car which I don’t like as basically it is just ugly bricks and the weeds keep coming through. Has anyone got a driveway that has strips of stone for the tyres and then low growing plants around? I have heard mention of doing that for driveways or paths but don’t know where to start.

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    This trend has gotten out of hand in Germany too.
    There are communities now where it is forbidden to make a sort of "stone desert" in the front yards. Hopefully, they banish it soon allover.

    This here is thyme who loves to grow in sand (Thymus serpyllum)
    and needs only sun to be happy.

    (Though, not good when bees are sitting there and one drives them over
    or tramples on them barefooted. )

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      Like the idea of thyme. I already have some in the front garden and it does well. As you say the bees do love it.


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        Just excavate area and lay hardcore over the whole area and compact. Lay 2 rows of slabs on sand and put extra sand between slabs and finish with a thin layer of gravel. Throw seeds of various rock plants on the sand and let be. The only problem is that you have to drive square onto the slabs otherwise they will move as you will see in a lot of drives.
        Would add that my company done many thousands of drives and usually customers wanted flower beds in the remaining areas and also in the back gardens. What was lost in grass was more than made up in plants.


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