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Rosemary beetles


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  • Rosemary beetles

    I first found one of these beetles on my rosemary two years ago. This year it's like a plague. I picked about 30 off my six foot lavender hedge yesterday. I don't know if lavender and rosemary will have a future in my garden at this rate. Is this a widespread plague?
    Mostly flowers, some fruit and veg, at the seaside in Edinburgh.

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    Not one I'd heard of, another new invader it would seem....................
    Rosemary beetle / RHS Gardening


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      Not heard of this either. I have a lavender hedge and a large rosemary in a container.
      Never had any pests on these so far.

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        They seem to be widespread in my area of Edinburgh, Joppa and Portobello. They're very pretty beetles, shame they're so destructive.

        I'd maybe think twice before buying lavender or rosemary from anywhere you don't absolutely trust, as you may be bringing these pests in at the same time.
        Mostly flowers, some fruit and veg, at the seaside in Edinburgh.


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          Ooohhhh, I never knew these were a pest.. I had them in my old garden and my current garden. I didn't transfer any plants between both when we moved. In fairness I rarely eat rosemary and seeing as the bush absolutely took over the bed that I decided I wanted for flowers, I dug it out this year (and transplanted some into the chicken run)

          They don't seem to have caused the rosemary or anything else any problems though so I never worried about them

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            I get a lot of these on my lavender -am in Edinburgh too. They do a bit of damage if I leave them so tend to pick them off. The plants have been there for years and it’s only in the last few years that the beetles have appeared. I tend to pick them off.


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