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    Following on from a suggestion from RichmondHens to stick up a photo of my coop for others to have a look at, we thought it'd be a good idea to start a thread so we can all post our coops/runs for others to look at and possibly take inspiration from.

    Sooo, I'll start..

    I built a new coop after having a temporary one (converted from an old bike shed). I got the idea from Polo, who said that someone they knew had a coop at waist height where the front of it hinged right open for ease of cleaning.

    I used shuttering ply, as advised by Bramble Poultry as this was cheaper than ply - yet is still WBP rated. I went to my local timber merchant and went through their pile until I found one with the best faces - it cost 25 for an 8' x 4' sheet.

    Here's a rough idea of the plan I used to get the bits of wood to build the coop (first cut being blue (giving me 2 lengths of 2' x 8'), second cut red (giving me 4 lengths of 2' x 4'), 3rd cut finally being grey, giving me 2 bits of 2' x 2' and 3 lengths of 2' x 4'.. with the 2' x 2' bits being the ends, and the 3 lengths of 2' x 4' being the floor, back and front hinged door.

    I then simply assembled the "box", leaving the roof, and one front side off. For the roof I used onduline (~15 a sheet from Wickes), and for the front I attached it with some large hinges. I then built a frame for it to stand on, built a nestbox and lugged it into my then complete run.

    There's a thread running with build pictures of it somewhere, if anyone is interested, but here's the pics of my finished coop:

    Front opened out for cleaning:

    Quick one of the run:

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    I didn't build my own coop I bought an Omlet Eglu, I did however build a secure run for them, which is 3 x 1.8 metres, and used mesh to keep out any wandering visitors.

    The run is constructed in sections so if one became damaged I could replace it without affecting the overall frame. I have since put a roof on it for winter.

    The chickens stay in there if I'm going to be away for the day, but generally have the run of a much bigger area

    Here are a few finished images of my run.

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      Wicked Chris and I love that run!
      We have an Eglu Cube now so I won't post a photo of that as its pointless. Mr VVG built our first run too, but it wasn't WIR like this is. Very pro!
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        As mentioned, it was an odd bit of garden (shape, and incline pic here) that was a temporary measure. Cleaning that small run out was a nightmare... plus I couldn't leave them in such a small space for any length of time if we went away. I posted a few photos of the build in this thread - with the linked page showing most of the work of it.

        I am planning on modifiying, or chanigng the coop mind, I'd like a few more chickens so I'm going to add another nestbox and perhaps change the shape of it slightly (increase perch space)... then later on perhaps extend the run out into the garden more.


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          If you like to tinker, its hard not to look at making changes. Our garden will be going through some more transformation come the spring, and the chooks will benefit with a bigger area to play in some cover and concealed dustbathing, aswell as securing their play area further.

          We are planning on letting one of our chook hatch some chicks when she gets broody this year. She had three bouts at it last year, our DD can't wait, I think we'd all like a few extra.
          I'm only here cos I got on the wrong bus.


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            Definately two cases of hen addiction there at least!!
            I made my coop using your ideas chris - the main differance being that the roost bar is not attached to the coop walls and sits on its own stand so comes out everytime I clean and muck out.
            The coop works well and will be OK or up to 5 hens...we have 3 at the when we add a couple more in the spring it will still be OK.
            I'm building a smaller moveable run and attached coop for this year as we fancy rearing some table birds and know a local farm that will sell us a few day old Cobbs. That will be our 'chick fix' for this year!!


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              couple of pics of my home built run just after assembly before the chooks went in
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                Hi All,

                Love all the pics of your coops and what a good idea to share our pics. here is mine. I purchased my hens house 3 years ago, I have had to reinforce it some what over time especially for the winter. They have a fenced barked area that they were originally supposed to stay in but i do let them free range full time. look forward to seeing more of your pics.

                angela t x
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                  I thinkthis is excellent.

                  I also have an Eglu and currently the ladies have the full run of the garden as the Eglu run is little restrictive in my opinion? So I will honourly steal your design!

                  thank you


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                    How do folk attach an outdoor nestbox and keep it dry? I've not attempted to make one because it just seems too difficult, but its a pain having to open up the whole house to collect one or two eggs....


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                      You make a nestbox like a tiny shed, attached so that the open side is joined on to the wall of the house (at a hole in the wall obviously) and have a hinged lid with the top end at the house wall, You have to make that lid/roof weatherproof, which tends to mean something like roofing felt (so it can be a nuisance with redmite) or you can have the house roof overhang above it (to about half-way out) and just use exterior grade plywood for the nestbox roof. There will still be a little rain creep past this way, but only if it is driven in under the house roof overhang. If you can arrange wind reduction on this side, it should stay pretty dry!
                      Bear in mind that these lids can sometimes be opened by a fox, either have a fastening (a cabin-hook will do), or have it in the fox-proof section.
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                        Hmm, thanks Hilary. I'm loth to make a hole in my beautiful coop wall,as its wet and windy here, and I can just see water getting into the coop...I'll think on. At the mo, the girls have gone to an orchard up the road. They're in a small coop and I've put cardboard boxes in a small shed on site so they lay there!
                        Solved for now at any rate!


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                          The point to an external nestbox is that the hens can get into it from the house, so there has to be an opening. The nestbox covers this, but you DO need to be careful how you go about it. If they have a shed, why do they need a coop as well anyway?
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                            The orchard is just their summer quarters so I can get to grips with hydrated lime all over the garden....their big coop is here, their summer coop is much smaller, and in the orchard.


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                              Here are my hens in their tree house
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