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OK to offer chicken-keeping neighbour sweetcorn?


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  • OK to offer chicken-keeping neighbour sweetcorn?

    Don't want to look a complete dufus...

    Now picked all worthwhile sweetcorn but still plenty left - too small, bit over ripe, dog earred...

    Would chickens eat them?

    If so will offer to chap who walks up our path twice a day to do chicken wrangling.
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    Chickens would like them,that’s really kind
    I am guessing tho,there’s corn in bird seed & chickens are birds
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      My hens love sweetcorn - fresh, frozen or canned!
      they even like the cobs and will clean them up after we've done our best!


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        I used to give the last of mine to an old man who kept chickens. He said they loved them.....and gave me some eggs as a thank you.
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          Mine love it too - Very generous of you!
          Maybe you’ll get some lovely eggs back as a thank you!
          Dried crushed maize is fed to chooks here which are going to be eaten as it’s quite fattening.
          If they put on too much weight then layers usually stop laying, but I guess short term would cause no problems.
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            They usually entertain themselves rolling the cobs around for hours pecking the odd kernel off every now and again.
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