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Cockrel v Fox


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  • Cockrel v Fox

    There are complaints on a residents' forum about cockerels crowing. We are a London suburb.

    The owner said they got cockerels to protect the hens from foxes. We have loads of foxes, my wife counted seven one night!

    Is this a load of cock and bull please? I would have thought the foxes would win hands down.

    I'm not one who is complaining. We have one a few doors up. Unfortunately it gets drowned out by screaming kids and their yappy dog!

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    Could be wrong but I thought council permission was needed to keep a cockerel in built up areas. Fight between the pair, my money would be on the fox.


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      In the deeds to my house, only female poultry can be kept, used to be common rule years back and in villages too.
      If I'm not on here, I'm probably fishing.


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        My guess is the fox would win too.
        They do warn about raptors etc but at one time we had 2 cockerels and the chooks roamed free.
        We had a dog attack and one cockerel legged it to the coop with the girls and no 2 cockerel distracted the dog by flying ip out of reach.

        Nah -I'd say they would only warn the gals at most-certainly not defend them
        Several geese on the other hand might...but they'd be even noisier!!!
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          Thanks folks. As I thought, utter twaddle.
          I worry about the welfare of of the birds. Someone down the road lost some to a fox, which seems to imply carelessness.
          Geese can be vicious. Used to be one in the garden of The Swiss Cottage pub in Shoreham in Sussex in 1970s.
          It was hilarious watching it chase customers. It was very fast!


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