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Goose stepping chickens


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  • Goose stepping chickens

    Hatched some Marrans from eggs last year and over wintered them in the polytunnel thinking the artificial light would get them in lay. Anyway they are out in the garden now as adults.

    Watching them they seem to be goose stepping as they walk. They just lift their legs too high as they walk. It is hilarious to watch but you can tell them apart as a breed by their walk.

    Is this peculiar or not?

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    Mine do that when it's wet or muddy. Or in high grass. Other than that I don't really know if it's peculiar...


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      My Marans walk like that but they have feathered legs- do yours?
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        Yes they have a little feathering on the feet but not sure that is the reason. Running they "walk" normally but otherwise its a goose step.


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          I think it's strange for all of them to do it. Though if it was just one I would say check for bumble foot. What were they using as a roosting perch in the tunnel?
          Are they stretching their necks out? Beak opening. Gape worm would make them do a funny walk but with neck stretching too. Have they been wormed?
          It could be a case of copy cat too. I kept French Marian's with feathers and they walked normally but this could just be "normal" for them.


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