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Question about chickens on a back patio


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  • Question about chickens on a back patio

    Hello everyone! I'd be grateful for your advice please!

    We have an area in our back garden that's essentially dead space and if it's appropriate I would love to fence it off and keep some rescue ex batt hens. It's 14sq metres and get's partial sun. The catch it that it's on concrete flag stones. They would have free range of the run with supervised (it's my veg plot!) access to the rest of the back garden as often as possible (we work full time so this would likely be evenings so the run would have to be it during the day).

    So, is 14sq metres acceptable? The advice online varies so much I thought it best to get some opinions. Also if I provide suitable piles of gubbins to scratch and a good sized dust bath box will they be ok on the flag stones?

    Thanks for your thoughts and advice. If you say it's not the right environment I will take your advice and not get them x

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    This thread might help you...........


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      You will need a coop for them as well, though I'm sure you've taken that into account. Make sure it's safe and no way for foxes to get in to get them. Flagstones should be fine - it'll make it easy for you to clean.

      The more light they get, the more eggs you will get


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        Hello. I have the exact set up as the one you describe. I got 3 ex batts almost 2 years ago and kept them on the patio with a coop and run. I also have some pots on the patio with small bushes in them for interest and a sand bath (children's play sand, not builders sand. I throw some mealworms, corn and bits and pieces on the patio for them to scratch around for. They also have the freedom of the garden only when I am there,(I worry about foxes). Although we did start out with 3 we only have the one left now, unexpected illness. She is quite happy following us and the dogs around the garden, helping with the weeding! Go ahead and get your ex batts, they are great fun.


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