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  • Companion flowers?

    Hi all,
    What flowers should i plant to deter pests and attract bees? I hear marigolds are good for detering some pests, any others?
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    Hi thepopela

    This might help....

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      Sow sweet peas in with your runner beans to attract more bees. Marigolds and Garlic have a reputation for repelling a number of insect pests such as Aphids and Carrot Root Flies. Plant nasturtium with squash, cucumbers they help to deters Cucumber Beetles, Squash Bugs, aphids, black fly there also edible although not with the bugs still on them . Mint is a good companion to plant with cabbage, broccoli etc to help ward off cabbage moth but remember to plant it in a pot or it'll take over. Basil is great planted with tomatoes, peppers it helps to keep flies & mosquitoes away. Have a look at the links below. They should help you decide what to plant

      Companion Planting

      Companion Planting Chart for Vegetables

      Companion Planting Chart for Herbs


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        cheers guys
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          There are quite a few threads on this over the years- have a look in the 'Search' facility...plenty to get your teeth into!
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            I sowed African marigolds in amongst my brassicas last year to keep white fly away. Might have been a fluke, but it cut down the flies right down. Will definitely be doing it again.
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              I always sow white turnips in the rows of brassicas to detere cabbage whites and hang an old sock with some sugar in it on my runner bean canes to attact the bees.
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                bees apparently like anything it somewhere, may be a myth, but they love lavender, sage, borage, chives, some kind of bush/tree thing with fat little heads of tiny blossoms [brain not functioning, can't remember the name of it, comes in various shades of blue/purple] or so I've seen in the garden.


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                  Is it a Buddleia you're thinking off Taff :-

                  buddleia - Google Search
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