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  • Pollination

    Please can someone tell me which of the following need to go outside so the bees can pollinate them?

    My Dad told me earlier on tonight but I have totally forgotten. I know he said one or two of them did but not all of them.

    Runner Bean
    Dwarf Bean
    Dwarf pea (though that already has a pod on it so I assume that has pollinated? I should have paid more attention in Biology at school! )


    Thank you.

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    Peas, bean's & courgettes all need to be outside, cucumber...that all depend's on what variety but they all need insect's to pollinate them, so where ever you have them the insect's need to be able to get to them.
    If your seed saving you'll need to hand pollinate them and in that case you have to keep the insect's off.


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      Thank you! I am not seed saving, just growing. I will start hardening them off for outside then, thanks.


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        You're asking two questions really, firstly what needs insects to pollinate and secondly which of the plants should be outside. For example, peas want to be outside but pollinate themselves - usually before the flowers open. Of the things your growing I grow most of my peas, beans (all types), courgettes, some toms and some cucs outside and the rest in the greenhouse or polytunnel. In most parts of the UK you'll struggle to get much in the way of peppers and toms outside.

        Re pollination, the runner beans and courgettes need insects but the rest pretty much take care of themselves. You can help them by fiddling with them with a paint brush if you want though.

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          Thanks Alison.

          The peas I have are on my windowsill as they are dwarf variety (Half Pint) and the instructions said suitable for windowsill growing, although I did put them outside for an hour or two today.

          I am trying to put most things out during the daytime but a few things are really thriving in my hot and humid porch - especially the cucumber which is enormous!

          The porch is being used as a kind of greenhouse but no insects get to it, whereas at least in the blowaway it gets opened up so all the insects can go in and help with pollination and they get fresh air etc.

          So I am not really sure whether some could stay in the porch, where the conditions seem to suit plants that like it hot/humid, particularly as I am soon going to run out of space in the blowaway.

          Any thoughts?


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