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Aphids and mint?


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  • Aphids and mint?

    Hi all.

    i have just erected a new greenhouse (still got to seal up some gaps) and I have a few plants in it.
    i have gone in today and one of my plants is being attacked by green aphids. Doing a search it says that aphids don’t like mint, thing is the plant they are attached to is a chocolate mint plant... so is the advice wrong or what?
    any advice on how to get rid of the pesky bugs would be helpful as I have an outdoor cherry tree that gets attacked every year too

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    Mint is hardy. Stand it outside and let the birds, ladybirds, and cold nights get rid of the aphids for you.
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      I’ve got mint in pots outside, they are doing fine.


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        Certain aphids won’t like mint,mint aphid will love it. A lot of plants attract their own special aphid. My chocolate mints outside all year. I wonder if the aphid came in with the plant,it only takes one to multiply into a thousand suddenly. You can squirt them off with a bit of ecover washing up liquid in a water sprayer,then clean water after to get any bubbles off.
        Edit - for the cherry leaves I’d add some crushed garlic to the water but not the mint leaves unless you want garlic mint tea
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