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Seedlings all dying


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  • Seedlings all dying

    Trying again.
    I hope someone can help me. My hubby and I are both very novice gardners. We bought tomato plants last 2 years which seemed to do well so decided to try from seed this year.
    we planted out seeds for tomatoes into propagates and popped them onto the kitchen window at the beginning of March. They seemed to go very well and we then potted them on into slightly bigger pots in a propagator and at the beginning of April we thought they looked as though they could be moved outside.

    We had bought one of those flimsy plasticky greenhouses and floored it with wood chippings. We prepared large pots with clay balls in the bottom, compost mixed with perlite and worm castings and used rooting powder in the wee roots. We left these outside as we were going to pot on the tomato seedlings which looked healthy, had leaves and were about an inch and a half. It rained overnight and when we potted the plants the soil seemed quite wet so we didn’t water it again and put them inside the greenhouse. It seemed warmish and quite humid.

    We then planted courgette seeds in the propagator and were content with the world. Please excuse my post if it drifts a bit, I’m disabled and part of my disability is I lose the words I want to say and my thoughts drift.

    anyhow, next day one of the tomato seedlings was dead and looked a bit slimy. Out came the fungicide spray and inside the greenhouse was liberally sprayed including the floor. Over the next 5 days all my seedlings have died. They wilt and then just fall over limp and dead and look as though they have no roots. All my courgettes died after I put them into pots in the greenhouse and I’m left with 3 Wee tomato seedlings, least I was, I haven’t checked today.

    ive bought more seeds and when my sowing compost comes will try again.
    what are we doing wrong. I don’t want to keep buying tomato plants and would love to grow things from seed.

    hope someone can help

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    It's almost certainly cold.
    Those mini greenhouses give a degree or two of extra protection at night at best. It's still far too cold to be putting tender plants like tomatoes and courgettes outside (and that includes in flimsy structures like that mini greenhouse). The frost will get them.


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      Definitely too cold as Ameno has already said, that is the main problem.

      Just in case I will also mention that tomato seedlings are very prone to 'damping off' which is a fungal problem. There is no spray or cure for this, so the main watchword is hygiene. New compost, new or clean containers, clean water and so on. I doubt this is a problem in your case as it sounds like you bought all new things, but I mention it in case other people read this post.

      You'll get there - it's easier to grow tender plants when the weather is warmer.
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        Hello and welcome to the vine Bobbs like the others have said it does sound like the cold has got to your seedlings. Have a read at the vines own growing guide about toms and courgettes.

        There's plenty of time to re-sow it was only this week that I sown my courgettes and cucs then my toms are kept on a indoor window sill until the weather gets warmer.

        Hope this helps.
        Location....East Midlands.


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          Thank you guys so very much. I really appreciate your answers. Fingers crossed for this lot of seedlings that I’m going to plant.


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            You're very welcome - Happy gardening. :-)


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