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  • Allotment Club seed orders


    This is my very first post so hopefully I'm doing this in the right way!

    My allotment club is thinking about running a seed purchase scheme this year, so our members can buy their seeds at discounted prices.

    I know there's a NSALG scheme for those of us who have joined the national association but a couple of our members say DT Brown also have a scheme for clubs.

    Does anyone have any experience of this firm for bulked orders - are they easy to deal with and reliable?

    All help will be very gratefully received. Many thanks

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    I used to purchase D T Brown seeds from the local allotment association. From memory they must have been given a really good deal as seeds to punters were approximately half price.

    I got the impression they were sold on a 'sale or return' basis as well.

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      Welcome to the forum, keep us posted how you get on and it would be nice to know more about your allotment too.
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        I got all my seeds this year through my allotment club. I just gave my order to the secretary who organised the whole thing. It was a very good deal from Browns - I ordered garlic which was not viable when it arrived - I contacted Browns directly and they were very good and offered refund or replacement. I will certainly order again in the autumn. I don't know about sale or return - that's not been mentioned.


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