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Raised bed (breeze blocks)


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  • Raised bed (breeze blocks)

    Thinking to create some raised beds in the garden instead of using pot.

    Iíve seen a few raised beds on Pinterest using breeze blocks. But wanted some advice and tips in creating this.

    Has anyone done one before, ideally looking for step by step guides..

    How easy is it to render the blocks and what about preventing water logging etc

    What does one fill it up with? Because filling it up with compost will be expensive

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    Welcome to the forum, I have not used breeze blocks, instead I used timber the same size as railway sleepers. With breeze blocks you will need to dig some footings so it doesn't sink or fall over, even if only a couple of courses high. I used these
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      i got hold of second hand bricks for absolutely nothing other than the diesel cost to go get them. Quite a lot in fact. I build a wall, with about three brick deep footings, and about 3 foot high above ground. Works a treat.

      I haven't filled it up to the brim, but I dug out around it to get level paths, and I keep tipping in all the home made compost from chicken bedding, household scraps, cardboard etc. And once a year I'm putting on a layer of well rotted horse manure. It doesn't seem to increase much in level so far, but that's ok!


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        And sorry for being so rude! Welcome to the forum Akhlaq!


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          One structural thing to consider with a breeze block wall is whether the filled side of the wall where the bed is, will have a tendency to push the wall over. If you think it might, then there are basically two options to strengthen the wall a) reinforce it with something like rebar laid in the mortar horizontally or b) make the wall slightly concave and build a strong point at each end to anchor them (bit like a horizontal bridge structure)

          As far as filling it goes I'd say rob some soil from somewhere-else for the first 90% then top up with compost - if you don't have any spare soil on site, you can often get some free where other people are doing building works.


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            I have never done raised beds that way, but I have built a garden wall.

            How much are you looking raise the bed?
            If you are going just one course of blocks, I don't think you'd need to do much.
            If you are going higher, then I would suggest some footings
            some advice here
            Also, as noted, the earth will push outwards, so I'd put piers (ie sticky-out bits - one block sideways pointing outwards at foundation level and followed up to a course below the top) every metre or so.

            Also, a spirit level and guide string, as it will go out of line (been there, done that...)

            Also, don't know where you are, but frost is still an issue round our way - make sure you cover the wall with sheeting (plastic or old sacks) to keep the frost off it whilst the mortar sets


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