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    Oh Wow!! Congrats to all who won and placed anywhere! I was bowled over when I spotted a 2nd place on the 3 spuds, then amazed when I spotted another 2nd place for 3 onions, then totally chuffed to bits when I spotted 2 firsts, for the rhubarb and cukes, plus a 3rd place for the garlic!! Made up now, my whoops brought Mr D running from the kitchen to see what was wrong! Lol!

    Thanks to all the team who organised, ran and judged the competition, well done to you all! Can we have another for next year please?
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    Suzanne (aka Mrs Dobby)

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      Can't believe I got first with my onions, I only grew about a dozen in all! Well done to everyone who entered and thanks to those who did the judging.
      I could not live without a garden, it is my place to unwind and recover, to marvel at the power of all growing things, even weeds!
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        congrats to everyone involved, either entering or organising, a great deal of fun. I love seeing everyones efforts and it just goes to show that you don't have to grow things to veg show standards to be a part of it, just look at some of my efforts
        Kernow rag nevra

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          Well Done All!!~so are the drinks on you??!!
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            Oh OH Oh (like in Harry met Sally!!!) - I GOT A FIRST!!!! I am sooooooo chuffed, and a second - YAY!!!

            Wish I got around to posting the pics of my cabbage that you all had cabbage envy over but for a start I am well pleased.

            Thanks for running the comp and well done to all my pals on here who got placed - commiserations to those who didnt. See you all here next year eh!

            Tammy x x x x
            Fine and Dandy but busy as always

            God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done

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              I'm just beside myself . I got
              2 Firsts
              2 Seconds
              4 Thirds
              and I started this garden from nothing in March. Well done Alice
              And a very big congratulations to all the other winners. I know how chuffed you will be. And thanks to everyone who entered and organised it and made it fun. Well done everybody

              From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.


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                Woohoo I won!! Congrats to all who entered and placed.


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                  I'm well chuffed
                  And congratulations to all the other winners - Alice, Mrs D & kernowyon, you all did really well And nice to see the newer members getting stuck in too.

                  Seahorse, you are a star! I know things have been a bit 'iffy' behind the scenes, but you've come through for us again.

                  THREE CHEERS FOR SEAHORSE!!!

                  Hip hip hooray!!


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                    Yay, I got a I might have been the only entry in the class but I still won! Got a few seconds & thirds too so I didn't feel too bad!
                    Well done everyone & thanks for orgainising it Seahorse!
                    Into every life a little rain must fall.


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                      Good job it's only for fun eh Seahorse, just think what it would be like if this lot took it seriously

                      Well done all and remember that it's the people that don't win that make the show and the winners make it just that bit better

                      ( and before you ask I didn't enter so it don't apply to me)
                      Never be afraid to try something new.
                      Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark.
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                        WOW!!! I got a second with my beans I'm well chuffed, never entered anything like this before. Whooooohooo.
                        Thanks Seahorse for doing this for us all xxxx
                        My girls found their way into my heart and now they nest there


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                          Originally posted by SueA View Post
                          Yay, I got a I might have been the only entry in the class but I still won! Got a few seconds & thirds too so I didn't feel too bad!
                          Well done everyone & thanks for orgainising it Seahorse!
                          Same here... I'm so pleased, especially as this is my first year growing. OH laughed at me taking photos of everything, but I'm so glad I did. Thanks to the organisers and everyone who entered and well done to everyone who placed.

                          We sow the seed, nature grows the seed, we eat the seed. (Neil, The Young Ones)



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                            My first ever entry and I got second place for my long bean. Am so chuffed

                            Well done everyone and especial thanks to the organisers and judges. Can't wait for next year.


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                              Well done everyone!


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                                thank you judges for my first place
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