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'New' apples, e.g. Honeycrisp


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  • 'New' apples, e.g. Honeycrisp

    I joined recently. V. useful discussion of top fruit, thanks.

    I found a thread from Jan. 2013 praising Honeycrisp, an apple I've not grown but have heard. Anyway I typed in a few words and found a warts-and-all US 2007 account

    Honeycrisp a Beauty To Buyers, a Pain for producers - Fruit Growers News

    Being bred for cold winters, they seemed unsure if it would like Washington state, which more resembles our climate. They also say it's prone to:

    bitter pit, bruising, soft scald, uneven coloring and ripening and short storage period.

    If it's prone to bruising and doesn't store have they invented a cold-hardy version of James Grieve?! I don't know of a September apple with a nicer flavour and the colour and size are excellent for me (grown on M9).

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    Google "honeycrisp apple uk"; 3 of the top 4 hits are nurseries offering it (but 1 sold out, 1 graft to order only). I imagine they would advise on its qualities.


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      Did you see this one?
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