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Pot size for dwarf fruit tree.


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  • Pot size for dwarf fruit tree.

    I got delivered one dwarf pear tree in small pot. I want to put it into a pot before I move to its permanant place at allotment. what size of pot it needs at the moment?

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    Is it in a pot already?
    Its a little late for bare rooted I think....(sorry, edit to say I just reread and and you did say its in a pot)

    It rather depends on the size of the tree, both height and spread (because you don't want it to topple) and how long you intend it to stay in the pot.
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      It is patio tree, and it came in around 3 feet package. will put it into ground in autumn/spring.


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        I would put it into a 50ltr tub as this would give loads of root room and stability with its weight, and use john innes No3 compost as this I find best for potted patio plants and don't forget to feed when needed..
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          I would also say John Innes 3....not because I'm clever but cos I looked it up last week for my quince tree

          Also when looking up how to plant my quince tree the advice was 'don't put it from a little pot straight into a great big pot' but I can't. for the life of me, remember why

          It will either have been RHS or blackmoors site...I'll go have a look.....

          Ha! Right, I'm back.
          It was indeed the RHS and they gave no explanation so I've copied the paragraph

          Start by choosing containers that suit the style of your garden and that are large enough to house the rootball of your tree. Ensure that the container has plenty of drainage holes. Do not put a small tree in a very large container; instead pot up the plant in stages, finishing with a minimum final container size of about 45cm (18in).
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            The usual reason given for not going straight to the biggest pot is, the roots would go straight to the sides and then spread out, leaving a dead space of compost with very few roots. This will collect water and maybe go stagnant.

            If you pot it on in stages, you end up with a nice even spread of roots all the way through the pot.

            Good luck!
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              Thank you all, I did pot up into a small pot. plant is not heavy, keep an eye for feed as well.

              it is patio dwarf pear tree, but it will go into garden soil.


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