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Blackthorn/Damson Peach curl ?


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  • Blackthorn/Damson Peach curl ?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to all this, in the first proper year of growing fruit and veg on my smallish plot.

    I've got a plum tree, damson and a long mainly blackthorn hedge. The above picture is from the hedge, but similar is occurring to some of the damson fruit. The Plum is unaffected thankfully.

    I did, under advice try a (sparsely admittedly) winter tree wash sprayed on the hedge, but it seems to have had no real effect.

    I'm looking for advice as to what I can do now, and over next winter to really try and get rid of the problem. I cant really remove all the affected fruit and leaves on the hedge, but I am trying to remove the pale and distended damsons when I see them.

    Any advice gratefully accepted :-)

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    Are you sure it's not distortions caused by aphid damage?


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      Hi, No, I'm not really sure, I'm pretty much a novice.

      I do know that a lot of the new growth in the hedge is definitely suffering from something that looks like leaf curl (based on me Googling). The damson isn't really showing that, but a percentage of the fruits are looking similar to the one from the hedge in the photo, though perhaps without the kind of dusty appearance on the outside.


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        I don't know much about fruit trees but to be honest, I would be happy with that.
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          I also thought aphid, but as the fruit is distorted I had a gurgle and I am sorry to say it is pocket plum and all you can do is remove and destroy the affected parts.

          Pocket Plum - Taphrina pruni | NatureSpot

          Please don't be put off as it is one of those things set out to challenge us gardeners


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            Many thanks for that, looks like you're correct.

            Doesnt make great reading :-( I've been out and it looks like its prevalent throughout the 30 odd metre run of hedge. I guess I'll perform a ruthless cut back over the next summer/winter destroying the infection I can get to. I didn't see many unaffected sloes. Will read up on that further and see what I can treat the remaining hedge with before next years growing season.

            Onwards and upwards :-)

            Thanks again,


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