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Disease affecting my Cherry and adjacent apple tree


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  • Disease affecting my Cherry and adjacent apple tree


    I need some help identifying what’s wrong with my cherry and apple trees. They are located adjacent to each other and displaying similar symptoms.

    The cherry is a napoleon bigarreau patio tree grown in a 50cm container. The leaves turned yellow with black spots, these started falling along with the fruit in july (pics shown from july. I have since pruned it right back to the trunk in hope of saving it for next year.

    The apple is a unknown red column tree in a 40cm container. The leaves seem to be turning black. All but one of the fruit dropped in June/July, all covered in black patches. I’ve removed the black leaves in waves but they kept coming.

    I haven’t taken any action with the apple tree as yet. I would be gutted to lose it as it’s only a small column but produces very large, very tasty red fruit. The cherry tree although annoying to lose would be easier to replace.

    I also have a nectarine next to the tree but that seems ok at the moment.

    Any ideas?



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    Don't know a lot but it looks like a fungal disease to me. FB is the one with the answers.
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      Originally posted by roitelet View Post
      FB is the one with the answers.
      The apple probably has scab. The cherry probably has canker. Both diseases of wet climates.
      Cherries do best in warm, dry, sunny climates and hate cool, damp, dull climates.

      But FB needs more pictures, including some showing the whole tree, and FB gets tired of asking people for a wider selection of photos. It can require half a dozen pictures taken from various distances to get a feel for what's really going on. Sometimes the one blemish provided in a single picture is not typical of the problem and can lead to mis-diagnosis.


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        More pictures as requested

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            Probably scab on the apple leaves but it doesn't seem to be affecting the fruit so I wouldn't worry.

            Some more pictures of the cherry would be good, to determine canker.


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              I chopped the cherry back as far as possible (above the rootstock). il see what it looks like this year when it grows back - hopefully better.


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                Update on cherry

                The chopped back cherry has grown back and I'm pretty sure now it's canker. The leaves have suffered the same and now there's resin leaching out. Not sure if it's worth noting but when I chopped it back there was a black spot within the wood.

                Is it time to give and and dump the tree at the tip? :-(

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