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  • Cherry fruit needed

    Hi everyone! My first question in the forum.
    We have grown Stella cherry trees for 10 years and never had a problem and masses of succulent fruit, but this year the fruit was riddled with cherry fruit fly. I understand that they overwinter in the soil and wonder if anyone knows of an organic solution to this horrible problem. We do all we can to encourage beneficial insects to our plots and don't want to harm them.
    many thanks,

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    I guess youy are in the US ?
    One reference says:
    GF-120 NF Naturalyte Fruit Fly Bait
    Special formulation for selective attraction and control of cherry fruit fly. Very effective.

    That I guess is the Organic option, the (possible) inorganic option is:
    Spinosad (Entrust 80W, Monterey Garden Insect Spray Easy-to-Use, etc.)

    I am assuming that the second is inorganic, because I have never heard of it and it sounds non-organic.

    Came from:

    Stick the following into Google: cherry fruit fly organic control

    Not sure how successful you will be as the first result start out with: Biological controls are lacking ...

    Apologies had to do this in 2 parts, editor stopped selecting and cutting and pasting?


    They say that Spinosad is organic.
    Will say that going to the toxipedia site was what seemed to upset the browser/editing ability.
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