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  • Raspberries

    I have been lurking on here for a couple of months having recently got an allotment. Brilliant forum and friendly, helpful people. I've learnt a lot just randomly browsing posts.

    I have a good idea about what I want to do with the plot (mostly fruit rather than veg) but there's a lot to do in the one day or so a week I can spend there and I don't expect to get the fruit beds/cage built until the new year.

    Nearly all of the nurseries state they supply their raspberry canes in October and November so what I want to know is can I buy the raspberries now, put them in pots and then transplant them next year. Do they cope well with being moved, especially when the ground is still cold?

    I am tempted to get some autumn varieties and leave them in pots as they don't need support so they wouldn't be so much of a problem but I am conscious that I am going to have to wait more than a year for the first summer varieties so I really don't want to leave them until next year to buy them.

    Hope somebody will be able to help.

    Cheers, Tony
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    Bare root Raspberry canes will be supplied when dormant. That starts around about now, but goes on until March usually, so suppliers should be able to let you have canes until then. They may run out though, so you may want to forward order them
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      Thank You !
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        Hi and welcome to the vine glad to hear you have given up lurking I won't advise on rasps my knowledge isn't good on them


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          I regularly plant them at this time of year in pots to make sure I get the ones I want, then plant them next year, as long as the ground has some water in it they grow fine, often they are full of flowers and unripe fruit when I plant them and it always ripens fine

          Also , Aldi usually have some summer fruiting long canes in around March 3 for about 4, they fruit just after planting and seem to survive going into a pot after buying for a few weeks, driving to Bulgaria and planting

          I have had one or two of my canes die a couple of years ago due to lack of water after planting from pots into the ground, it was my fault though as I didn't water them!, I don't think that would be as much of a problem in the UK , when I had that problem it was 45C in a heatwave for a few months and the ground was like dust....I returned to the UK just after planting them for 2 months and they baked in direct sun, most of them were still ok though
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            Hi Tony and welcome.
            Start chatting up some of your allotment neighbours - especially those who grow fruit They may be digging up or pruning their plants about now and be happy to offload some on you.
            Look out for strawberry runners too.


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              Raspberry canes grow like weeds lol, so don't worry, they cope fine with being moved.

              Enjoy the vine
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                My raspberries were moved from another plotholder with different conditions to mine, in full flower and fruit, in July and when it was very hot. Lovely crop from them already.


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                  Thank you all for your replies. I emailed J Parker's this morning (where I am looking to purchase the raspberries as well as some strawberries, blueberries and blackberries) and they said they would take the order and hold it for me, I never really thought of asking them that.
                  Posted on an iPad so apologies for any randomly auto-corrected gobbledegook


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