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Apple tree in blossom in October.


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  • Apple tree in blossom in October.

    Hi everyone

    I'm looking for an explanation for why my apple tree cordon has decided to flower this week. The other 3 are doing nothing. I pruned about a month ago.

    Also, any advice about what to do about it? Should I leave the flowers on? Should I remove them? Does it matter?

    Many thanks for your help


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    I suspect it is the prolonged warm spell we have had. Well I'm assuming you've had the same but there's no location in your profile. My strawberries are flowering again, I doubt they'll crop. You say you pruned late summer, why did you do it then as there are different reasons for summer and autumn pruning.

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      Hi there and welcome to the Vine!

      I think it's just the unseasonably warm weather we are having totally confusing the tree!
      I have a magnolia with a few flowers on it.....the 3rd flowering this year!!!

      If it's new or in a pot I'd remove the flowers so it's not wasting energy, but, if it's established and in the ground I would just leave it and the frost will see the flowers off.
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        We had a bit of cold weather followed by warm weather. The same thing happened when we had that 25 degrees C October a couple of years ago. But it does seem to say that fruit needing a hard cold winter to initiate fruit buds is a load of rubbish


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          My Jonagold has just come into flower again - Ill take the flowers off as we may not get a frost for a while. Not seen that before, but then the tree is only a 4yo and fruited for the first time this year. Perhaps its got a little cocky!
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            I had a few flowers on a Bramley last month, one of them even started growing the apple! Like WendyC and Fleurisa, I assume the warm September weather following a cool August confused it.
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