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best start for a sweet cherry tree


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  • best start for a sweet cherry tree


    Just settling into new allotment space and wish to grow sweet cherry's.

    Am seeking advice on whats the recommended tree to grow? We live in Wakefield, Yorkshire, the plot is 270m, however, want something sweet, prolific but not too tall.

    Also please advise on how to prepare the hole for the tree and when to plant -it'll be there a while so no point in rushing!

    Also any advice please on how to build a fruit cage? A link to a tried and tested 'how to' guide would be brilliant!

    Thanks in advance for helpful advice.

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    First check that fruit trees of any size are allowed, some places do not allow them owing to their size.

    If OK then you are looking at a G5 rootstock to keep the tree size down, even G5 will make a fair sized tree of about 10ft. If you train and prune you may keep it smaller. The G5 rootstock needs a reasonable soil but I assume that an allotment will have this. It will need staking.

    Fruit cage: you are looking at something a bit bigger then the tree so 10-12 foot high and similar width and depth, and that is just for 1 tree. Depending on how the tree grows and is trained you could need bigger.

    Construction will be along the lines of fence posts. I would say eight twelve foot posts as a square (centre empty) with 2 foot at least in concrete footings. After that is the lateral stiffeners to maintain the shape.

    Going to be a fairly large construction, which may not go down well either.

    There are no rootstocks for cherry that are as dwarfing as the apple ones available e.g. M9 or M27.

    Not sure if you can train a cherry as an espalier form and so limit the depth of it. May be worth looking up.


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      Thanks for taking the time to reply with such detail, much appreciated.

      Still in that planning the space phase and your info has really helped.

      Happy growing!


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