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Raspberry canes


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  • Raspberry canes

    Hi, peeps.
    I planted 10 raspberry canes earlier in the year (about early April).
    They are growing but what exactly can I expect from them in the next few years.
    Many thanks in advance

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    Without know the type of cane....

    If they are summer fruiting then this year they will put on between 4' and 8' of vertical growth in thin whippy canes. These should be tied in at about 1' to 2' intervals to stop wind rock lifting the roots and/or snapping due to wind damage. Each root will produce several canes. The council of perfection says that you should space each cane by 2" to 3" horizontally.

    Next spring the old canes will sprout and your flowers and fruit will come from these, at the same time more new canes shold sprout, to be treated as before. After the seasons fruit has been picked, cut all the canes which bore fruit down to the ground, retie all the new canes, and wait for the next year.

    The roots of raspberries are very shallow and they propogate by runners so be aware of this when weeding the bed, it is best done by hand, not hoe.

    A top dressing of general fertaliser in the spring will do no harm, and a better crop will be had if the plants are kept well watered.

    The weeks and the years are fine. It's the days I can't cope with!


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      Thanks Terry, that's very helpful.


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