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Strawberry plants - what to do with them


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  • Strawberry plants - what to do with them

    I've just been given a whole bunch of strawberry plants - what exactly do I do with them at this time of year in Surrey? Shold I plant them in the ground and cover with straw? If so how should I prepare the ground?
    Also there seem to be may "rooting points" should all of these be planted as a part of a long chain?
    As you might have gathered I'm not normally a fruiter, so any pointers from you clever folk would be much appreciated.

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    Sever all the bits of the chain so that you have lots of little plants. Find a bit of ground where you want them to grow and spread, and plant them out. They're very hardy and don't need any protection from frost.


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      Plant them out as Veggiechicken said. Don't plant too deep though, just to the level they were previously at.


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        Or if you've not got any spare ground at the moment, you can plant them up in 3" pots and leave them outside over winter to sort properly in the spring.

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