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Purchased Unusual Berry Plant Overseas


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  • Purchased Unusual Berry Plant Overseas


    I was in Germany last week and a local garden centre had Apfelbeere (Appleberry) plants. Not knowing what they are I purchased a couple thinking they were some sort of hybrid, but taking a bit of a chance on whether they can grow in UK conditions etc.

    Having done a few google searches, all that seems to come up is some kind of Australian fruit plant of the same name, with long fruits (up to 30cm). This is not the same as what I have purchased, despite the name, as the picture on the label on the plant is of blue / purple berries.

    I wondered if anyone had any information on these at all, as I am quite clueless on them i'm afraid!


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    Not chokeberry is it?

    This is where the Latin names become useful. I searched apfelbeere in German, then translated what I found, and repeatedly got Aronia melanocarpa
    BBC - Gardening: Plant Finder - Chokeberry
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      If it is Chokeberry here's an earlier thread about them
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        Thanks your replies folks, and indeed you were both right - it does look like a chokeberry!! Not sure how tasty or usefl it will turn out to be, but will certainly give it a go!


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          I wonder why they're called Appleberries in Germany? Just interested because I've planted some in my apple orchard - I wonder if they're mutually beneficial?


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            In dutch it is called Appelbes, I don't know why. But do you know why in english it's a chokeberry?


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              Chokeberry seems to be its American name and is so called because the berries are astringent and inedible when raw (but not to birds who eat them and spread the seeds). Can be used to make jams, wine etc.
              This blog has a list of different names for it in various languages (including Welsh!)
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