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  • Strawberries!!!!!

    I have taken a bold step and made a new bed for my strawberries!!!! I have dug up the plants decorating my thin borders next to the small fence between nextdoor. After taking out all the massive stones and old roots the soil look awesome. I filled the border with LOADS of compost and manure so it was piled about 1-2 feet high. i then firmed, covered and pegged down with thick black plastic as a kind of mulch=]

    My though was as we have had another burst of sunshine I moved my strawberries there and cut back all the leaves to the crown in hope the roots develop well before winter???

    I hope i did the right thing or i have just wasted 25 cambridge favs=[=[=[

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    Perfect timing...good call- strawberries are as tough as chips ( so long as they're not planted with their crowns too deep)

    (Te about good weather- I've just taken 6 red strawberries off my plants for supper!!!!! )
    "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple


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      Good good=] I made sure the the crowns were just level with the soil surface. Thanks for the reply, it put my mind at ease hopefully next years crops will be freaking awesome!!!!!


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