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"Berry" Confused!!


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  • "Berry" Confused!!

    i have inherrited about 15 raspberry bushes, planted in the ground and looking healthy, some of which fruited last month and the canes are now looking sad on these plants but there are also healthy lookgin green canes on the same plants

    some of the plants, although the canes look very healthy have not (??yet) fruited

    i have cut back the old canes that have fruited but am confused about what i should do with the new canes on these bushes and the canes that have not fruited on the other bushes? also how do i know what variety they are?

    there are also several other what i think are blackcurrant bushes with only 5 or 6 tiny blackcurrants on them - should i just leave these til next year and some rather sparse looking gooseberry bushes too!!

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    Summer fruiting raspberries fruit on canes that have grown the previous year. You have done the right thing cutting back the canes that have carried fruit (right down to ground level I hope). The new green canes on these plants will bear fruit next summer.

    You may also have Autumn fruiting raspberries (the ones that haven't fruited yet) but I would have thought they would at least have flowers by now.

    By the way, I see this is your first post - Welcome to the Vine. Whereabouts are you? If you add your location to your profile it will show up on your posts and save us asking all the time.

    How big are the blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes?


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      Hi thank you for the welcome - im in formby on the coast on merseyside

      No flowers on the other bushes - should i just leave them now until next year?

      the gooseberry is about 2ft high and the blackcurrants a little bigger than this

      i was also thinking of moving them all to another spot - my veg patch needs re locating as its too shady for anything very much to grow - would the fruit bushes do ok in a shady area?



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        Hi Janasshe,

        maybe amend your profile to show your location, there is a link at the top of the page. I know I don't show mine but my user name does. . I would leave the unfruited bushes to see what happens. With the others, it is best to take away any surplus new shoots leaving a maximum of 8 per stool/clump to develop. As for moving the gooseberries and blackcurrants, wait till the leaves drop before you do so. Water and firm them well in and they should be ok.


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