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"misted tip" strawberries??


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  • "misted tip" strawberries??

    You may have seen that several commercial companies are currently offering strawberry plants for sale under the heading "misted tip" which seems slightly mysterious (e.g. explained by one company as "Rooted into individual modules using a special mist propagation unit"). They all claim this process (whatever the process is) leads to earlier and heavier first year yields and they supply the plants in August in modules rather than bare rooted. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience of these and if so with what results? Thanks.... bb.

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    Never heard of this and have never had any problems with normal runners, sounds like an excuse to charge you a lot more if you ask me. Nothing wrong with bare rooted.

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      i have stopped propergating ordinary strawbs,i have grown 30 alpine strawbs from seed about 3/4 years ago and have been cropping a large bowlful each week since the start of july,and they will keep coming til the frosts,so far outcropping normal types,and they tend to taste sweeter,they will selfseed,but i just lift them,put into small pots then sell or give them away,who wouldnt like to pop out into the garden and pick fresh strawbs for months not the end,just enjoy...


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