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  • Apple tree Duo advice

    Following on from the thread below, Im after some advice on a good apple pair, will probably duo them at some point as present tree is a triplet and works very well. Creates variety, longer time window, excellent pollination and good yields while only taking one tree space. However it seems to get a bit more canker each year, imagine its 25+ years old now, so no idea where be in 2 years
    Having used the excellent advice on here before that you can’t get time back and if can its very expensive intend to again buy some in advance, and put in 50l pots for couple of years
    Use is eating and excess core then freeze, which make lovely crumbles with blackcurrants or other excess fruit in winter
    Presently working on Discovery and Sunset but thought ask the experts before buying...thank you

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    Ps Canker and disease is probably top of my list being in the damp west


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      If you are unsure of what apple varieties you like to eat, the best bet would be to go to a local apple show in the Autumn and taste a range. This time of year you may find local commercial growers selling their apples who are open to the public.

      Everyone's taste is different, so once you go beyond Bramley and Cox it is impossible to be sure what anyone will like


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        Originally posted by It never pours View Post
        Ps Canker and disease is probably top of my list being in the damp west
        I've found Scrumptious (an offspring of Discovery) has some of the best canker resistance of all in my area and no disease weak points. Discovery is above average canker resistance and no disease weak points but not in the same league of canker resistance as Scrumptious.

        For me, both are very susceptible to codling maggots and 95%+ of the apples will have a maggot in them, so they need to be cut open with a knife. Both are also susceptible to a variation of bitter pit.

        I no longer bother with Discovery but Scrumptious remains simply because I admire its canker resistance and tolerance of total neglect, even though I don't get many useful fruits from it. Scrumptious seems to be a very small, slow-growing tree.

        For me, Katy has good canker and scab resistance, average mildew resistance, only slightly susceptible to codling maggot attacks or bitter pit.
        It's also a strong grower which allows it to outgrow mildew damage. It has an untidy habit and took several years to start fruiting but now produces immense quantities of fun size but good quality apples, albeit with only average flavour which is similar to, but less tasty than Discovery.
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          Sunset is indeed a good variety, at least in my experience.
          Tasty, gives heavy crops, keeps for a moderate while (although not as well as late season apples), and the tree is disease free (or at least I've never had an canker or scab or the like, and I live in Somerset). It is pretty prone to coddling moth, though, at least in my garden.


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            Thank you all for replying with great advice

            Taking them on board and the below links of trees in wetter areas of the uk, I have gone a bit mad and got six, katy, scrumptious, greensleeves, sunset, grenadier, egremont russet. Will pot them up and decide later, or be wittled down by dying on me, how to graft onto one
            They are all going to be on M26, only option for posting here and garden centre had so that was an easy forced decision

            Think I did work out from all this, that the triplet tree have at present, has a discovery on, so dont need anyway for scion wood. Can safetly say its the nicest to eat of the three especially when it goes red inside, just before it drops. And canker seems to be least on that one



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