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Queen Victoria in my garden


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  • Queen Victoria in my garden

    Plum Queen Victoria
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    I grew Victoria plum in my last garden. It did quite well, although the first fruits to ripen would always have worms inside.

    The image you post doesn't look the same though. Over here, Victoria is purple and oval-shaped, like the picture on this link: I wonder if you have the same plant?

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      Hi Martin,

      I think yes/ Ihope so! I looked it up before I bought the plum. They took maybe the wrong picture of this plum. It should be darker red, when compared with other pictures of Victoria and more oval than round. This looks more like a big mirabelle.

      Well, I will see what hangs on the tree next September!

      I bought it here:

      They have often absolutely misguiding pictures. Some are even wrong! I have bought a rose there from which I hope it is this rose and not the one they have on their picture ...

      The rose Arthur Bell is yellow ... and look here what they advertise ...
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