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  • Moving apple tree

    Good Morning,

    In the summer we are looking at building a summer house, unfortunately the prime place to put it is right where I have an apple tree.

    I would like to move the apple tree. It is about 8 foot tall and is about 7 years old. Can I move it this time of year and what do I do to ensure its survival.?

    Thank you

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    Shouldn't be a problem.

    a) dig a big hole to put it in first - remember the roots go out at least as far as the branches
    b) prune the top of the tree.
    c) dig round the outside of the root ball - having someone to help at this stage is good. Ideally you don't want to have to cut the roots, but if there is a long one you may need a pair of loppers to cut it.
    d) lift out on to a tarp or plastic sheet
    e) drag or carry to new position
    f) replant, trying to maintain orientation relative to the sun ie south should stay south
    g) use an old fence pole or similar to really tamp the earth down hard around the roots. The disturbed soil will slump a bit over time so you ideally want to leave this a couple of inches higher than the surrounding level.
    h) drive in a strong support stake at a 45 degree angle and use something like an old T-shirt to tie it to the tree trunk using a figure of 8 fixing ie round the tree trunk loop, twist, then round the stake and knot.

    Do not forget to water well if we get a dry spell in the summer. A hose set to a trickle and left on to soak the roots for an hour or two is the best bet. This needs to be done before the ground completely dries out.
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      Thank you Nick, brilliant advice. Thats this weekends job sorted then!


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        You're very welcome Mark - happy gardening, Nick


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          I have found pruning back where can and digging around the root ball but leaving underneath untouched for a month or two allows the fibrious roots to grow in the rootball being moved while the tree feeds off the underneath roots before they are cut. However it maybe a bit late in the winter for waiting a month or so


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