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When do Commice pears generally ripen


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  • When do Commice pears generally ripen

    My little commice pear trees are heavily fruited, and I'm worried that if they get much bigger then the branches may break.

    Roughly how long until they should be ripe?

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    My daughter inherited what I think is a Commice, I usually thin a few off if they don't fall off and poach them in Rose wine.
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      One thing to remember about pears is that, unlike early apples, you should pick them a bit green and ripen them off the tree. It's impossible to give a precise date as it will vary from place to place, and year to year. As a rule of thumb if you lift a pear up in your hand and give it a slight tug and twist it should come away from the spur relatively easily when it is ready for picking.

      If it was my tree I'd try taking a few of the ones which get most light off now, leaving them inside in a bowl for a week and seeing how they go. If they shrivel instead of ripening you were too early, but they can still be cooked as suggested above.


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        As an aside....I have a rather old and fragile apple tree which some years fruits very heavily.
        One year we lost a huge branch because of the weight of the fruit ...since then we use sticks (like clothes props for a washing line) jammed underneath for additional support.
        Just worth thinking about maybe?
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          Usually October but everything down here is a month early this year (Opal plums beginning of July, Katy apples have been ripe for a week) and my pears look like being the same.


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