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    I was given an unopened packet of butternut seeds and got only two strong plants.
    One has started producing the expected pear shaped fruit while the other has produced a round fruit.
    What is the round fruit likely to be?
    Click image for larger version

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    It probably is the same but different shape,happened to mine last year,one was an oblong shape


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      They're obviously both squashes, whether there are any other differences apart from shape is impossible to tell at this point. I guess the proof of the squash is in the eating, so if you like one more than the other and the fruit is ripe enough when you harvest it, you could save some seeds from the one you prefer.


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        I'd also say probably the same fruit - I've had the traditional butternut shape, and a shapeless, more like a rounded oblong fruit off the same plant before now

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          I also have a marrow plant that has produced two supermarket size and shape fruits followed by long skinny cucumber like fruits.
          It is in a different bed to another four plants that are producing regular fruits.
          Perhaps they will change over so that I get regular fruit off the first plant and round fruit off the one with regular fruit now.
          At the end of the day it is the plants that decide.


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            The plant has now aborted the odd looking fruit and a couple of normal looking ones have set.


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