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Apple Tree Root Close To Soil Surface


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  • Apple Tree Root Close To Soil Surface

    I have an apple tree (Lord Lambourne MM106). I got it as a bare root tree late November 2019. I have been growing it in a container - until I've finished some landscaping, then it will go in the ground sometime before Spring 2021. I have noticed a root close to the surface of the soil. I have lightly brushed aside some of the compost to expose it more for the photo, normaly it's just showing level with the surface. When I planted the tree I did so to the original soil level on the trunk. Should I remove this root when I come to plant it in the ground or dig down a bit and do it now? Is it ok to clip off some of the roots? Or should I just leave it?
    Many Thanks

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    I wouldn't be in a rush to do anything now whilst the sap is still running, if it is a root, it will do no harm, if it turns out to be a shoot from the rootstock, then it will need to be removed.
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      Looks like it's probably a root to me - only way to be sure is to clear the soil from above it to establish that its coming from lower down the tree along with the other roots you can't see.

      Personally I'd probably ignore it being both lazy and untidy, but assuming you're neater than me, you could either bend it down having removed some soinl from below it first to allow access, then hold it down with something heavy like a stone so it fixes itself in a new position and later cover it with soil - OR trace it back to the trunk and cut it off there as near as you can either with a knife or secateurs. If you do decide to cut it off, pull the whole piece out after its cut off - what you definitely don't want is a bit of root left in the ground sending up shots of its own.


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        It looks like it is below the graft.
        After you have planted the tree in its final position simply exclude the light with bark chippings or something decorative for a year or so to stop it suckering.


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          Thanks for the replies.
          I have removed so soil below the root and have held it down with a stone for now, I'll see how that goes. I will take a closer look at it when I remove it from the container for planting durring its dormant period.


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