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Morillo Cherry blossom


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  • Morillo Cherry blossom

    Has anyone got there sour cherries to blossom yet, mine is in bud but still not budging. It's a 2 year old tree that was planted from bare root over the winter so this is its first year in its new home.

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    Might be a bit early for it in your location GF. The ornamental jobs are only just flowering round here & they usually precede the proper fruit trees.
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      Nick, mine is in full blossom at the minute. Its three year old, in a container, against a south facing wall. Got a good crop of cherries from it the first year when i had it covered with fleece but last year the birds had all the fruits before i got a chance to pick them.

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        Still not seeing this burst it's buds, could somthing be wrong with it?


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          Still not burst the buds on my tree, I guess something is very wrong with it? I am considering digging it up and popping it into a big pot, any advice?


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            Click image for larger version

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            Think we might all be learning something about climatic conditions. The pic of the ornamental cherry in this pic was taken about 2 weeks ago and Stellas were flowering at the same time. Trees quite big now so think Blackies might end up with most of my cherries. We tend to assume the further north you are the later the season will be. Seems not so. The Gulf stream does seem to count for something as places on the west coast of Scotland are much further ahead than places in central England which are much further south. Interesting to watch what happens as the season goes on.
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              Guess that means my tree is broken.


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