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Apples not wasted.


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  • Apples not wasted.

    Was walking in our estate a day or so ago when it was windy.
    Somones garden has an apple tree and a number had fallen onto the pavement.
    I always keep a plastic carrier bag in my jeans back pocket.
    So scooped up the freebies.

    Not quite enough for a pie, however...

    Across the back the house has a huge apple tree full of bright red apples.
    Its a shame as no one ever uses them and they rot on the tree.
    The owner did say use what you want.
    So aquired a few from some overhanging branches.

    Spent an age peeling them, but now have a large dish of apple crumble.

    Anyone else noted how many apple trees go to waste?

    Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!

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    There are hundreds of apples on the ground in my neighbours allotment.....just rotting.

    I use all my cooking apples. I give buckets of eating apples away. A group of old ladies I know take bucketfulls. I'm not sure what they do with them.

    A friend says her neighbour puts sacks of Bramleys out on the pavement with a sign saying: FREE. HELP YOURSELF! They don't always all go.

    It's sad that some people don't eat enough fruit yet lots of people have gluts that they cannot use.


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      We have a local group who will harvest your unwanted fruit and pass it on to charities/food banks etc.
      Like greenishfing's friend, I leave surplus apples, tomatoes, whatever outside the house with a "Take me, I'm free!" sign.
      (That's the fruit, not me - I'm expensive!!)
      A Chicken walks with small steps. Be more Chicken


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        My spares go to family and neighbours not that I have much that I don't use.


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          Bought a can of squirty cream, that should top it off nicley!
          Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!


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            We're making cider at the allotments tomorrow, with apples from our own trees, and those growing on plots that aren't taken.


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              We put the excess out in a tray outside the house with a sign the kids made saying, “Help yourself”. It’s got runner beans in it at the moment.

              And now the school are asking for apples to make into apple juice to then sell at Christmas!


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