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Non fruiting Autumn Raspberries !


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  • Non fruiting Autumn Raspberries !

    Hi all.
    I have got a few 'Autumn' Raspberry canes, which I cut down to about 1 inch above the ground in Dec/Jan.
    They grow well . . . but they don't fruit much - I'm lucky if I get a dozen Raspberries !! This spring I put some Potash around them and I feed with 'Tomato Feed' (cant remember when I started feeding)
    What am I doing wrong - or not doing right ??
    PLEASE HELP. Many Thanks in advance.

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    Are you sure that they are an Autumn fruiting variety? Raspberries usually grow like weeds and as you've fed them I suspect that maybe you've been supplied something else?

    How big are the fruit?

    My advice would be not to cut them down or prune any of the non fruiting stems and just cut off the tops of the ones that have fruited and see how they do next year.


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      Where about are you and how old are the plants?

      My autumn raspberries have also been very disappointing this year for no reason I can fathom so must be the weather. Summer ones which are in the same bed in my fruit cage were great but have had a very poor crop from autumn ones. Mine are three years old.


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        Our summer raspberries were rotten this year, next to no fruit. How long should these plants last?


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          Autumn fruiting do not need to be cut down in winter and will then produce a crop in early spring as well as autumn. Just cut out the fruited canes after they have fruited in the spring/summer . If you find you then only get an early crop and still none in Autumn, then may be they are not autumn fruiting after all.
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