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  • Feeding plants

    I have some miniature apple, pear and plum trees in my garden that I planted last year, they all seem to have taken and are showing new growth and one apple tree even has fruit.

    I am not sure about feeding them ?. Up to now I have been giving them a handful of growmore since spring every six weeks. Should i continue this up until late summer?

    I have also been feeding my currants and gooseberry cordons the same, am I right in doing this ?

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    Won't hurt anything to feed a bit but depending on how fertile the soil is naturally it might be a wasted effort as its possible the trees will get what they need without extra feed.

    I'd probably not feed the gooseberries any more, as you don't want too much extra growth on them, and probably limit the blackcurrants to one more lot, as they do not need it later in the season.


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