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  • Cheap trees - 5

    Driving past b&m bargains this morning (to buy stakes for my ashmeads kernel and pear Beth that arrived from ashridge yesterday) I noticed they had trees outside. Bare root trees, no idea of rootstock, but all 5 each. I bought a Victoria plum. They also had jonagold apples, a couple of cherries (one was morello, don't remember the other), doyenne de comice and conference pears and a couple of others. Pretty mainstream collection of varieties, not labelled for rootstocks but they all say 300-500cm. I'd guess at Julien, mm106, colt, quince A as being the most common mass produced ones. There wasn't much in the way of roots on my plum but I've shoved it in a hole. If someone wants a bargain you can't argue with a fiver.

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    I saw some nice miniature fruit trees in pots in the range yesterday,suitable for container growing on a patio,15 each they had apple,peach,apricot,plum,sweet cherry,sour cherry & pear. It’s nice looking at the plants in the garden centres.


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